QCIS Extracurricular Activitity

QCIS Extracurricular Activitity

QCIS provides satisfying education that is suitable for students’ development. As a branch of Qingdao Chaoyin Education Group, the school inherits the essence of its 20-year tradition. Also, the school integrates the most up-to-date international education framework in order to build a reliable international school.

Nowadays, after regular classes, the students from QCIS bused to Archery Activity Centre where they have been looking forward to going. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. It was highly developed in the area of Africa, Asia, Europe and etc. During Chun’qiu’zhan’guo period in China, the Chinese had developed a systematic method of how to make bow and arrow. In modern times, it is a competitive sport, which is originated in Britain. And today, the bow and arrow becomes tools for the students to train their balance and concentration.


Students followed the coach step by step carefully. Prior to a smooth release of the string, they learned how to be in the correct stance, load a bow, draw the string, and aim the goal. Even though they are not at the advanced level to talk about skills, it was not a small challenge for them to control their body and the tempo.

Arranging various sports activities for students to select from does not only match with the original design of QCIS curriculum, but also matches with the enrollment standard of the top universities. As an International Baccalaureates candidate school, QCIS nurtures students who are flexible, confident, persistent. They need all these qualities to face the rapidly changing world.     4 1

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