QCIS Week without Walls

QCIS Week without Walls

There is a frequently asked question by the parents who tried to call QCIS – would my child lose the opportunity of studying mother tongue language or would he or she lose the sense of belonging to the mother tongue culture if we send them to an international school? Our answer to that inquiry is as firm as our goal to build up a best international school for the parents and students. The school provides students with Chinese literature course while providing English language teaching. In addition, we believe only if a student can master his or her mother tongue language, they can learn another language well. Similarly, only if a student can fully understand his or her own culture, they can understand and respect the various cultures from all over the world and the people from various cultures.

With great resources naturally and culturally in Shandong, QCIS middle school students recently went on to their week without walls trip. Through one week experiential learning, they explored the world outside the campus at the traditional cultural experiential base.


The three most famous cultural sites of Qu’fu, collectively known as “San Kong”, are the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion. San Kong has been consecrated as sites to worship Confucius and promote Confucianism by generations. They are famous for the cultural richness, long history, grand scale, rich cultural relics collection, as well as the value of scientific art. The students listened carefully to the guide’s explanation, drunk in the glamour of Chinese traditional culture – the classic Confucian culture.



The tea ceremony has turned the serving and drinking of tea into a refined performing art and spiritual discipline. The whole ceremony with an integration of Chinese traditional culture nurtured the students’ appreciation of the aesthetics through its each step – to prepare, watch and wait for, smell, and drink the tea.



There is a Chinese saying “I have here admirable guests; the lutes are struck, and the guqin is played”. The gu’qin is a plucked 7-string instrument with elegant sound. As the most ancient musical instrument of China, gu’qin has a history of 5000 years and is a symbol of high culture. The session at the cultural experience base allowed the students to have a taste of how they can play the calming instrument.


As an International Baccalaureates candidate school, QCIS provides students with opportunities to explore their expanding concerns and their growing awareness of themselves and the world in ways that develop sound judgment. Holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication are part of QCIS educational goals, especially in the attribute “open-minded”.


Reference:  “MYP: from principles to practice”

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